Official Videos from Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival in Ljubljana

You may have spotted in early July that three members of the Must Love Festivals team were enjoying themselves immensely in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. Adventurous Kate, Frankie Bird and Peter Parkorr (that’s me) were soaking up the vibe of this very cool city as it put on the 16th edition of international street theatre festival, Ana Desetnica.

Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival Ljubljana-20

With performers from Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Italy and further afield, we were entertained in venues and squares across the city by all sorts of strange and wonderful enigmas.

You can read how Kate loved Ljubljana during the festival (including some Insta-videos), Frankie gave her impressions as a theatre lover with a great series of photos, and I’ve just published my thoughts with lots of pictures too. Frankie also wrote a thoughtful piece about Why Theatre Belongs On The Street right here on

But brilliantly, the festival organisers have also produced their own video highlights from each day of the festival, so you can get another great look at everything in motion courtesy of them. I’ve picked my favourite two videos from the four days of Ana Desetnica in Ljubljana, and a third video showing Vertigo being performed in the city of Kranj.

Keep your eyes peeled in the first video for the hairy Italian sweetheart in a tutu, McFois, who seems to have been unanimously voted as our favourite.

In the second video see more acts and get an insight into what life is like as a performer from Spaniard Julian Gonzales, apparent owner of The Incredible Box.

And finish with some snippets of the very original and endearing Vertigo, another favourite show for all three bloggers!

You can see the rest of the official Ana Desetnica videos here, along with footage from previous years and winter festivals also produced by the organisers.

Let us know if this makes you want to go out and see some street theatre, or whether you’ve visited pretty Ljubljana yet? We’ll have more from Slovenia for you soon.