Strøm electronic music festival in Copenhagen

Strøm is an electronic music festival that takes place all over Copenhagen every summer. The first edition was held on 2007 and it has since then grow to become the premier festival devoted to the electronic scene in Scandinavia. As part of the #MustLoveFestivals project, we had the chance to stay in Copenhagen for eight days and attend the entire 2014 edition, thanks to Generator Hostels and Expedia.

Generator Hostel CPH

We’d been to Copenhagen before, but being there for the festival gave us a chance to explore a lot more of the city. That’s one of the first important things to know about Strøm, it’s not your typical intense three-day, non-stop mud party in a fenced-off area. Instead, festival events take place all over town during the course of a week, with a final two-day outdoor party held entirely in a park, Enghaveparken in Vesterbrø. If you stay somewhere central, as we did at Generator Hostel, you will be able to easily move between events on your bike within 20 minutes.

Strom Copenhagen

As much as I like camping, and to party in the mud, I have to say the format of this festival is much better suited to our way of travelling. It gave us the chance to enjoy a number of activities in Copenhagen, while also still feeling that we were traveling and discovering the Danish capital. Basically it was the perfect excuse to stay eight days in a city that is not very big and yet can always feel busy and exciting!

Strøm is all about electronic, but not just concerts and booze. There are a lot of very interesting master classes, workshops and artist talks that will allow you to go deeper into the culture, while also taking a break from drinking and partying. For instance we had the chance to attend a great talk by DJ Champion about the U.K. scene and then attend his concert a few hours later, which perfectly illustrated what he told us.

DJ Champion

When it comes to live music, there’s a lot of different options from street parties and picnics in parks … to massive raves. Below, you’ll find a recap of our favorite events, but you will honestly always find something that suits you. And that is coming from us, who are not even that much into electronic music.

Red Roof party Copenhagen

We also appreciated that most of the day’s events were free, where you you could BYOB (even BYO sausage!) So don’t forget to be prepared and pack your poison of choice before joining the fun. At night you usually have to pay, but considering the quality of the artists, I’d say that the price was very decent for an expensive city like Copenhagen.


The Danish capital has dozens of festivals throughout the summer, but if you like electronic music then this one is definitely for you! And it’s also a chance to discover a city well worth visiting, which has a lot more to offer that you might think. I would highly recommend going between May and September to experience the best of the city, which is why mid-August for Strøm is perfect!

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