Hanse Sail, Rostock


The Hanse Sail in Rostock is the largest maritime festival in Mecklenburg (Germany) and one of the largest in Europe.

About 250 traditional sailing ships of all types and sizes from a vast variety of countries visit the coast off the city of Rostock every year during the second weekend of August. Today, the Hanse Sail forms part of the joint Baltic Sail, which takes place in several countries bordering the Baltic Sea during July and August. Every year about 1 million visitors visit the Hanse Sail. Even though it is accompanied by other cultural events, the ships remain the center of the festival. Besides watching ships, it is also possible to sail on them or enter them while they are anchored. There are also sea planes and a helicopter parallel to the festival. They offer the opportunity to fly with them for about 20 minutes. On the Saturday of the event there are fireworks in Warnemünde and the city harbour.

For more information visit http://www.hansesail.com