Staro Rīga festival of light & Independence day celebrations

Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvia
18 Nov 2015 -21 Nov 2015

Staro Riga festival of lights is an annual traditional festival. The event usually lasts 4-5 days, and its timing coincides with the Latvian Independence anniversary celebrations.

Staro Rīga Festival allows locals and visitors to view unique light art objects. Just a few nights on the streets, in parks, squares and on specially illuminated façades can be viewed in different techniques-generated art objects and light shows encouraging to see the famous city of Riga in a new light.

All event objects a free and accessible to all age groups.

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Cēsis Town fair & Cēsis Art Festival

18 Jul 2015 -08 Aug 2015

This festival offers a music, cinematic, theatrical, and visual art events programme that promotes an understanding of the processes behind contemporary culture across the world. The festival is unique and offers to a wide range of viewers creative expressions by excellent and highly-recognised artists. It is a celebration of art in the city throughout the whole month, which reaches its culmination in the open-air opera performances that take place at Pils Parks (Castle Park). It is visited not only by Latvians but also by art lovers from all around the world.