Notte della Taranta

Melpignano, Lecce, Italy
05 Aug 2014 -23 Aug 2014

Notte della Taranta aka ”The night of the Taranta” is the biggest festival in Italy and one of the most important folk culture events in Europe. It is held in Salento and is specifically aimed at preserving and valuing Salento traditional folk music and its contaminations with other music genres, from world music to rock, jazz and synphony music. The Festival’s grand finale is attended by more than one hundred thousand fans from all over Italy and across the globe, for a night dedicated to music and dance. The pre-concert is dedicated to the meeting of different cultures and traditions and to new musical innovations.

Carpino Folk Festival

Carpino, Foggia, Italy
04 Aug 2014 -10 Aug 2014

Since 1996, Carpino Folk Festival– the festival of folk music attracts every year tens of thousand of people into the heart of Gargano. The hub of the event’s performances (all for free) will be Popolo square, in Carpino. The area in the middle of the picturesque urban agglomeration looping around the lake of Varano, along a road skirting the surrounding foothills which form a natural amphitheater enclosed by Capoiale, San Nicola di Varano, Ischitella, Vito del Gargano up to Rodi Garganico, located in an elevated and panoramic position overlooking Poggio Pastromele, has been the historical setting of this event, built around the knowledge and the stimulating creativity of the new generations, thus...

Mercatino del Gusto

Maglie, Lecce, Italy
01 Aug 2014 -05 Aug 2014

Dance, music, educational masserie, workshops, books, wine, beer and plenty of good food are the main ingredients of the 15th edition of Maglie Mercatino del Gusto. An opportunity to make visitors experience all the unique features of our region, with its rich bio-diversity and different cultures, in an atmosphere of mirth and festivity. The event draws its name from the ninety exhibitor stands placed in courtyards, gardens, squares, alleys and buildings around Maglie. A curious public will have the oppurtunity to discover the products of the culinary tradition of both Salento and Puglia, by interacting directly with dairy farmers,...

Locus Festival

Locorotondo, Bari, Italy
25 Jul 2014 -10 Aug 2014


The Locus Festival represents one of the lynchpins of the overall cultural offer in Puglia, featuring a rich  program that spans many genres, from jazz and world music to singer-songwriter hits. It’s a happy synthesis between  artistic quality and the popularity of the events offered. Since its inception, the Locus Festival has focused on artists with an original and refined creative soul, able to create a bond with the spellbinding scenery of the Itria Valley, studded with small architectural jewels. An event that matches good music with the promotion of the territory. Locorotondo, a small hamlet...

Notte delle Luci

Scorrano, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
05 Jul 2014 -09 Jul 2014


The ”Luminarie” represent one of the most beautiful expressions of handicraft production in Southern Italy. These lines of colorful flickering lights, whose origins can be traced back to Roman times, have evolved their shapes, colours and materials over time in accordance with the cultures they came in contact with and the technical innovations used for manufacturing them.  The first historical record of the Luminarie dates back to 1500.  Modernity has not overcome tradition yet, and craftsmanship still reigns unchallenged. This is easy to see in the frameworks reaching 30 meters of height, which...