The happy faces of MS Dockville in Hamburg

As I was editing my photos from MS Dockville festival in Hamburg, I noticed a common theme among many of the photos I took; smiling faces.

MS Dockville Happy Festival Go-ers

There were other recurring observations; face paint, glitter, a little fancy dress, tote bags, strange things in hand to hold up so you could be seen above a crowd.

I realised that I had enough photos to just share some of the smiling happy faces I saw and photographed at MS Dockville festival. Here they are:

Dancing at MS Dockville Guy in Fancy Dress at MS Dockville Market at MS Dockville Mini Ping Pong Tables Processed with VSCOcam

MS Dockville Waterfront Two girls at MS Dockville A guy and a girl at MS Dockville Festival Band-performing-at-MS-Dockville-Festival Bubbles-at-one-of-the-stages-at-MS-Dockville-2014-Hamburg Dancing-and-Smiling-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg DJ-at-MS-Dockville-August-2014-Hamburg Girls walking at MS Dockville Festival Hamburg 2014 Girl's-home-made-MS-Dockville-bag-in-Aug-2014 Hanging-out-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg-2014 Holding-up-flowers-at-MS-Dockville-Festival-2014 IMG_1872 IMG_2072 Jumpin-around-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg Magic hour at MS Dockville MS-Dockville-Backdrop-Aug-2014 Navy T-Shirt Girls at MS Dockville Posing-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg-Aug-2014 Rainbow-at-MS-Dockville-in-August-2014-Hamburg Red-castle-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg Singer-at-MS-Dockville-August-2014 Sitting-by-the-water-at-MS-Dockville-August-2014-Hamburg Smiling face at MS Dockville Standing-around-at-MS-Dockville-Hamburg Throwing glitter at MS Dockville Walking-around-MS-Dockville-in-Hamburg Walking-to-MS-Dockville-2014

You can read a full review of MS Dockville here, see some more photos of the festival here, read my tips for getting the most out of it and finally, there’s a playlist of songs by many of the bands who performed on the stages of MS Dockville in 2014.