A First Impression of Birgu (Malta)

In what has to be one of the most beautiful festivals in Europe, the picturesque city of Birgu sets its walls and walkways alight with thousands upon thousands of candles each year at Birgufest.

Birgu, also known as Vittoriosa, already has an unfair advantage. Its honey-slabbed stone, delicate churches, narrow cobbled walkways and hidden staircases lend it historic charm for every day of the year. As one of the oldest settlements on Malta’s Grand Harbour, its scenic waterfront and traditional water taxis make for a tranquil first impression.

I paused by the staircase of honeycomb stone. From the main square, the songs of a saddened but powerfully vocal woman drifted through with rhythmic beats. A steady stream of people drifted past, chatting, laughing, stopping to scoop up heart-shaped vol au vents and the sweet date-filled delicacy from here called mqaret.

And the light, that from yesterday’s full moon and the homemade candles swung from doorsteps and balconies made a single word glow.

Reptiles, it said, written in homemade black felt tip letters.

I left the crowd behind and followed the sign downstairs.

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