Kuhmo Chamber Music festival



The Kuhmo Chamber Music festival was born in 1970 out of the quirky idea to take chamber music intro pristine nature, far away from the noise and pollution of the urban environment. The aim was to gather the world’s best chamber musicians to perform together in the front of the most knowledgeable chamber music audience. This idea became a reality in Kuhmo, on the eastern border of Finland some 600 km from the capital city of Helsinki.

The festival is Finland’s oldest chamber music festival and the largest when measured in visitor numbers. Each year, some 180 musicians gather together in Kuhmo to perform about 100 events, which together attract around 40,000 visits. Kuhmo has developed into one the most significant music festivals in the world. Already in 1989, the American magazine Connoisseur wrote that “ for two passionate weeks in July, the remote town of Kuhmo hosts a unique chamber music festival that is possibly the finest in the world”.  The Austrian music magazine Festspiele has ranked Kuhmo among the 15 top festivals in the world during the previous years. According to it, the strengths of the Kuhmo Festival are white nights, blue lakes, cosy atmosphere and unique music. The Festival will be arranged for the 45th time on July 13-26, 2014. The main theme will be seven cities and seven arts.

Wild Taiga combines Kuhmo’s culture and nature activities. During the festival you can enjoy different kinds of other nature and culture activities. You can take a sunset paddling tour, a sightseeing walking tour in the centre of Kuhmo or a spend a night on a bear watching hide.

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