Mänttä Music Festival

Mänttä, Finland
06 Aug 2014 -10 Jun 2014

Mänttä Music Festival is the only piano festival in Finland, and has been organized for already 15 years.  The festival features a wide range of pianists, from internationally famous artists to young Finnish talents. The brand new Serlachius Museum Gösta will be the new main concert venue. The main concert of the festival is by Paul Lewis (Great Britain) who will play Beethoven.

The Art Town Mänttä-Vilppula, the home of this festive  is a beating heart of culture. Mänttä was founded due to large forests around it, water rapids running through the town and the paper patron G.A. Serlachius founding an industrial community to this small rural town. Now...

Night of the Arts Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland
21 Aug 2014 -21 Aug 2014


The Night of the Arts is a carnival of the arts, a night when anything is possible. You can expect artworks falling from the skies, circus troupes taking over the city’s parks and opera performances screened on advertising boards. The night is a chance to see the Helsinki’s theatres and museums in a new light. Events both small and large will be taking place across the length and breadth of the city. Anyone can contribute to the programme and all events are free of charge. It will be a night to remember – and you’re invited! 

The Night of the Arts is a part of Helsinki Festival, the largest arts festival in the Nordic countries, held in the Finnish capital over two and a half weeks in August. The Night of the Arts is...

Mantta Art Festival

Mänttä, Finland
09 Aug 2014 -10 Aug 2014



Mänttä Art Festival is the window for contemporary Finnish visual art, founded 20 years ago.

This splendid event is held at Pekilo, a converted factory filled with thought-provoking works that provide a fresh new perspective on the contemporary art scene in Finland. This year Mänttä Art Festival is curated by Minna Joenniemi. Everybody knows Mänttä and talks about it, but you have to experience it for yourself.

The Art Town Mänttä-Vilppula, the home of these two great festivals, is a beating heart of culture. Mänttä was founded due to large forests around it, water rapids running through the town and the paper patron G.A....

Tampere Theatre Festival

Tampere, Finland
04 Aug 2014 -10 Aug 2014

With the population over 210 000, The City of Tampere is one of Finland’s largest urban centres located on a narrow strip between two big lakes. Tampere is a luminous cultural city, a vibrant town full of theatre. Since 1968, the Tampere Theatre Festival has been one of the leading attractions of the city.

The Tampere Theatre Festival is one of Europe’s most important festivals of professional theatre serving as a display window for the finest Finnish and international productions. During the first week of August it offers a compact, yet high quality package of 21st century drama, modernised classics, dance theatre, contemporary circus and street theatre. 

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Sastamala Gregoriana Festival

Sastamala, Finland
19 Jul 2014 -26 Jul 2014


Sastamala Gregoriana is an early Music Festival that combines an excellent international concert programme from medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, old lakeside churches of Sastamala with unique acoustic space and warm local atmosphere. This is something that deserves to be known and appreciated by local, national and international visitors. Sastamala Old Church is a gem of a venue for the performance of music that is contemporary with its history. Its vaulted wooden ceiling, rough hewn stone walls, dirt floor and quiet location combine to make it one of the finest acoustical environments in the world for solo vocal music and small ensembles. Its peaceful, natural environment gives it a further special character, and the surrounding silence...

Kuhmo Chamber Music festival

Kuhmo, Finland
13 Jul 2014 -26 Jul 2014


The Kuhmo Chamber Music festival was born in 1970 out of the quirky idea to take chamber music intro pristine nature, far away from the noise and pollution of the urban environment. The aim was to gather the world’s best chamber musicians to perform together in the front of the most knowledgeable chamber music audience. This idea became a reality in Kuhmo, on the eastern border of Finland some 600 km from the capital city of Helsinki.

The festival is Finland’s oldest chamber music festival and the largest when measured in visitor numbers. Each year, some 180 musicians gather together in Kuhmo to perform about 100 events, which together attract around 40,000 visits. Kuhmo has developed into one the most significant music...

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Sodankyla, Finland
13 Jun 2014 -15 Jun 2014



In June, movie...