Mantta Art Festival




Mänttä Art Festival is the window for contemporary Finnish visual art, founded 20 years ago.

This splendid event is held at Pekilo, a converted factory filled with thought-provoking works that provide a fresh new perspective on the contemporary art scene in Finland. This year Mänttä Art Festival is curated by Minna Joenniemi. Everybody knows Mänttä and talks about it, but you have to experience it for yourself.

The Art Town Mänttä-Vilppula, the home of these two great festivals, is a beating heart of culture. Mänttä was founded due to large forests around it, water rapids running through the town and the paper patron G.A. Serlachius founding an industrial community to this small rural town. Now Mänttä is also a home of a great collection of older Finnish and European art at the Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation. In June 2014 there is an opening of a new great pavilion for modern and contemporary exhibitions, designed by MX_SI studio, Barcelona. 

The unique surroundings with sensational collections of arts alongside a selection of quality restaurants offers an unforgettable experience! This summer art is all around in Mänttä, also by the streets and parks, even at the façade of Mänttä Church.

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Mänttä Art Festival (9 – 10 August 2014 )