Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival

Edmonton, AB, Canada
03 Jul 2015 -12 Jun 2015

The Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival is a festival that takes place in mid-July on Sir Winston Churchill Square, in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It has showcased street performance artists from around the world since 1985. While Comedy Cares (Proving that laughter has the power to heal, Festival cast members use their diverse talents to bring smiles, chuckles and giggles to patients, family and staff in local hospitals and long-term care facilities during the festival and year round) is definitely a highlight but as multifaceted as the Festival has become, it still comes down to one simple thing: to put smiles on people’s faces presenting the best street performers.

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Brighton Pride

Brighton, UK
01 Aug 2015 -02 Jun 2015

Brighton Pride, the UK’s biggest Pride festival celebrates 25 years in existence.

Loved locally and acclaimed nationally Brighton & Hove Pride is a celebration of all that is great about the city and its vibrant LGBT community.

To mark this important milestone & recognise the wonderful diversity of Brighton & Hove’s community, the theme for 2015’s Brighton Pride is ‘Carnival of Diversity’.

Staro Rīga festival of light & Independence day celebrations

Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvia
18 Nov 2015 -21 Nov 2015

Staro Riga festival of lights is an annual traditional festival. The event usually lasts 4-5 days, and its timing coincides with the Latvian Independence anniversary celebrations.

Staro Rīga Festival allows locals and visitors to view unique light art objects. Just a few nights on the streets, in parks, squares and on specially illuminated façades can be viewed in different techniques-generated art objects and light shows encouraging to see the famous city of Riga in a new light.

All event objects a free and accessible to all age groups.

For more information visit http://www.staroriga.lv/013/en/

Féile an Phobail /West Belfast Festival

Belfast, United Kingdom
30 Jul 2015 -09 Aug 2015

Féile an Phobail (The Community’s Festival), also known as the West Belfast Festival is a community arts organisation known for its August Féile (Festival).

The festival was established in 1988 as a direct response to the conflict in Northern Ireland.

It aims to celebrate the positive side of the community with an eclectic mix of arts, culture, language and sports events included in the celebrations.

The festival takes place on and around Falls Road in Belfast. This ten day festival presents a wide range of arts and cultural activities over the first two weeks in August, including music concerts, comedy, exhibitions, discussions and debates, youth events, literary events, dramas, family, out door...

Gracia Festival

Barcelona, Spain
15 Aug 2014 -21 Aug 2014

Every August, Gràcia holds an 8-day festival “Festa Major”, known as Festes de Gràcia  and is one of the largest festivals in Barcelona.

Lonely Planet describes Gracia Festival as

‘…veritable explosion of creativity. One second you’re being jostled by a gang of ravers, the next you’re gawping at a two-storey-high papier-mâché model of Alice in Wonderland. Think Glastonbury played by your brother’s band, and you won’t be far off.’

Nights in Ljubljana Old Town

Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 Aug 2014 -30 Aug 2014

Nights in Ljubljana Old Town is a mini festival closing the Summer in Ljubljana Old Town festival and symbolically concludes Ljubljana’s summer event season. The festival traditionally features outdoor concerts accompanied by a diverse mixture of other cultural and entertainment events taking place in the streets and squares of the old part of the city centre.

Free entrance

More information http://www.visitljubljana.com/en/events/19646/detail.html

La Strada Street Performance Festival

Graz, Austria
01 Aug 2014 -09 Aug 2014

Innovative and contemporary street theatre rediscovers the city of Graz at the La Strada Street Theatre Festival.

It returns public space to the people, engaging the topics of our time. It tells stories of people; artfully, playfully. It reflects the sounds and rhythms of the city, in a dance that yearns for urban space. It offers alternative compositions to counter omnipresent commercial communication. It includes excluded people and has a great potential for joy.

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Bardentreffen Festival

Nuremberg, Germany
30 Jul 2015 -02 Aug 2015

Bardentreffen festival is one of the biggest annual events in Nuremberg taking place over three days  in the city’s historic city center. The festival is attended by more than 200.000 visitors and across the 8 stages visitors can listen to famous artists from all over the world as well as artists nobody knows.People normally sit in the historic square of the old town, buy a beer and relax with the music played on stage-this is the beauty of this festival.

For more information about this year’s festival, please visit the Tourism Nuremberg website.

Sastamala Gregoriana Festival

Sastamala, Finland
19 Jul 2014 -26 Jul 2014


Sastamala Gregoriana is an early Music Festival that combines an excellent international concert programme from medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, old lakeside churches of Sastamala with unique acoustic space and warm local atmosphere. This is something that deserves to be known and appreciated by local, national and international visitors. Sastamala Old Church is a gem of a venue for the performance of music that is contemporary with its history. Its vaulted wooden ceiling, rough hewn stone walls, dirt floor and quiet location combine to make it one of the finest acoustical environments in the world for solo vocal music and small ensembles. Its peaceful, natural environment gives it a further special character, and the surrounding silence...

Rotterdam Unlimited

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
21 Jul 2015 -25 Jul 2014

The largest city-event in the Netherlands, the Rotterdam Unlimited represents a mix of music, dance, theatre and carnival and is held in Rotterdam’s inner city. The Carnival parade revolves around the Battle of Drums, the street parade and the ‘Queen election’.

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Notte delle Luci

Scorrano, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
05 Jul 2014 -09 Jul 2014


The ”Luminarie” represent one of the most beautiful expressions of handicraft production in Southern Italy. These lines of colorful flickering lights, whose origins can be traced back to Roman times, have evolved their shapes, colours and materials over time in accordance with the cultures they came in contact with and the technical innovations used for manufacturing them.  The first historical record of the Luminarie dates back to 1500.  Modernity has not overcome tradition yet, and craftsmanship still reigns unchallenged. This is easy to see in the frameworks reaching 30 meters of height, which...