Feeling Royal in The Hague at Prinsjesdag

The Hague has been the center of history in The Netherlands and has close ties to the Dutch Royal Family. While you are probably familiar with the massive King’s Day celebration that happens every year, there is another Royal event that attracts lots of visitors: Prinsjesdag.

At Prinsjesdag (‘Prince’s Day’), the Dutch celebrate the opening of the parliament with a range of traditional ceremonies. After a procession with marching bands, military personnel and coaches with horses, the royal family enters the Knight’s Hall, where the Kings receives a briefcase with the ‘Troonrede’ (‘King’s Speech’). This document informs the public on the direction the government is taking in the next term.

After the ceremony, the royals return to working palace Noordeinde, where they briefly appear on the balcony. After that, rest returns in The Hague, although there are many more related exhibitions, events and other celebrations you can attend that week.


Prinsjesdag Photo Impression

Two days before Prinsjesdag, there is a rehersal with the horses. The royal golden carriage isn’t part of it, but the crowd is a lot smaller, so you can get a good view!


The stream of Military and Marching Bands seems never-ending…


Finally, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arrive in their Golden Carriage! Such a great sight!


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