NEXTCOMIC Festival 2014 in Photos

Photos from NEXTCOMIC 2014

You can find out all about NEXTCOMIC Festival here or read what happens on SuuuperSonntag, but here’s a collection of my favourite photos from the event. Enjoy!

At the NextComic Festival 2014Country Music Comic Donau Boats painted by children at NEXTCOMIC Festival 2014 Drawing fishes at ARS Electronica in Linz for NEXTCOMIC Festival Eric Chen for Tisch 14 at Nextcomic Festival Girls and Umbrellas NEXTCOMIC FESTIVAL Graphic Novels at NEXTCOMICArtwork at NEXTCOMICComic Bookmark at NEXTCOMIC Festival LinzCartoon Battle Poster at NEXTCOMIC FestivalArtist at work at Nextcomic Festival 2014Disembowled Ariel by Nychos at NEXTCOMIC FESTIVALReise Map at Linz NEXTCOMIC Festival Kyle Platts at NEXTCOMIC Matt Groening Moomin with the golden tail More Kyle Platts at NEXTCOMIC More Milan Ilic My Abba Signature NEXTCOMIC FESTIVAL 2014 Starsky & Hutch Young Artists at Work at Nextcomic