NEXTCOMIC festival in Linz is one of only a few German language festivals dedicated to celebrating – and creating! – comic art. The purpose of NEXTCOMIC, which began in 2009, is to make art more accessible. The event is as much about introducing new people to comic art as it is celebrating successful comic strip artists and illustrators from Austria and beyond. More information


SuuuperSonntag at NEXTCOMIC Festival 2014 in Linz

Frankie Thompson
SuuuperSonntag at NEXTCOMIC 2014 When Kash approached me and asked me to be part of  "an exciting new festivals project" I envisaged a summer spent sleeping in a tent, hanging out with guitar-strumming, bearded musicians while I wore a circle of flowers atop hair that hadn't been washed in weeks. What I did not expect was to find myself lost in a historic Austrian city on a rainy Sunday in March as I set out on the hunt for an art form I knew nothing about. Nor did I expect to enjoy...

20 Things You Must Do in Linz

Frankie Thompson
20 Things You Must Do in Linz I was in Linz for NEXTCOMIC Festival, which is number 21 to visit this city that is famous for steel, for its position on the Danube (about halfway from between the river's source and Budapest) and for being the administrative capital for Upper Austria. While these may not be reasons to get you excited for a visit to Linz, the following twenty should get you thinking otherwise. 1. Admire the view from Pöstlingberg, the 550m hill that overlooks the city...

NEXTCOMIC Festival 2014 in Photos

Frankie Thompson
Photos from NEXTCOMIC 2014 You can find out all about NEXTCOMIC Festival here or read what happens on SuuuperSonntag, but here's a collection of my favourite photos from the event. Enjoy!  

Art is supposed to be fun! - A Review of NEXTCOMIC Festival in Linz

Frankie Thompson
Welcome to NEXTCOMIC Festival in Linz! One of the aims of MustLoveFestivals is to open peoples' eyes to a different type of festival; one that doesn't involve wellington boots or dry shampoo. It is somewhat ironic that the rain that fell on Linz during my time there for NEXTCOMIC Festival meant I really could have done with some wellies and it didn't really matter whether my hair was washed or not because it looked a soggy mess. However, if ever a festival - and a city - has opened up my eyes...